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Black, 3D Silk lashes, Vegan, Reusable. Glue not included.


Our PERFECT Bridal Lash. Tapered perfectly out to the corners, Queen will add fluffy length to your own lashes without feeling like you have anything on! Looking like lash extensions but with none of the commitment that goes with them, they open the eye to give definition, with the elegant flutter. 

Directions for Application and Removal

You will need-Your Studio Lashes, mascara, glue, small scissors, a mirror and tweezers.

1. Put a layer of mascara on, gently peel lash from tray, bend tray to remove easily.

2. Lay on your lash line and judge how much needs to be trimmed off outer edge. (TIP-Always trim from outer edge as to not lose the effect of the lash.)

3. With a small pair of scissors, trim to size and gently apply light layer of glue (not included) along the lash line.

4. Leave to set for 30 seconds. (TIP- Do the other lash whilst you wait, to avoid lash disasters, we recommend leaving the glue for thirty seconds before applying to your own lashes.)

5. Gently with a pair of tweezers, pick up lashes at the mid-point of your Studio Lash, place on your lashes and tap in place to start adhesion, then gently pat along your lash line to stick the lashes to yours, once they have started sticking, go back along and carefully ensure there are no gaps and they are pinched to your lashes.

6. Once happy with the position, Voila, get out there and Live your best life sister!

TIP-With careful application and gentle removal of glue, our lashes are reusuable for multiple wears. Expect to get 15 wears out of them.
We hope you love them as much as we do!

The Studio Beauty Team

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    Due to hygiene reasons, this product can not be returned.

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